Creating Your 4-Part Launch Sequence (Part 1 Of 4)

This is the first blog of 4 concerning setting up a launch for your online course. The launch will include 4 videos and will be presented as a drip-fed sequence for potential students. They will opt-in for the 4-part educational series about your course topic. Along the way, while presenting videos about your course topic, you will warm up these potential students towards you and your course, so that by the final video, you can present the sale. Hopefully at that stage, you will get a few customers.

As the first task for preparing your launch, you are going to design some gifts that you can give away with your video sequence. This gives people an extra reason to come and watch your videos. The promise of something free and valuable can draw them into your video page so that you can build that good will.

So you need to figure out which gifts work best for your course launch.

Download 68 Gift Ideas For A Launch

Your Launch Gifts 

After someone opts in to your launch sequence, they are going to be taken to your first video. You will also begin sending them an email sequence that will drive them back into your video sequence.

One of the incentives you will provide for people to visit your video pages will be the promise of a gift at each stage.

The principles of a good gift in this stage are similar to those of a good lead magnet.

Instantly available

The first thing is that your gift will instantly available. If you have promised a free gift with video 1, then make it instantly available.

Either send it by email or make it available to download from the video 1 page.

Insanely useful

The second thing to be aware of about your free gifts is that they need to be insanely useful. This is the kind of thing that you want your potential students to be delighted to get their hands on. It doesn’t have to be very fancy if it is useful.

Easy to access

The third aspect of your free gifts is that you can make them easy to access. In a similar way to your teaching, it helps if you can avoid techno-babble. For example, if you are offering a free download PDF or checklist, keep the language at a simple level. You don’t want to turn people off.

Task: Decide on 4 valuable gifts

For the first task, you have to choose the 4 gifts that will go hand in hand with your launch. This will entice customers to come back and view your videos. The objective here in the free video sequence is that you build good will, so that by the time you get to make a sale, your potential students will see the value in what you are offering. Gifts are another part of that.

Choose 4 great gifts to give away with your launch series. Create descriptions for these gifts and assign dollar values. You can download a list of sample gift ideas here. 



Script For Video 1

Next, you will begin to prepare your first video script. 

The 4-video launch sequence is designed in a way to ascend people up from cold prospects who don’t know much about you and your course up to hot lead with their credit card in hand.

So, each video gradually will bring them further along that journey.

Each of the first 3 videos is going to handle an objection. We’re going to look at the three main objections people have with online courses. Firstly, that your course or system will not be good enough to deliver the results it promises (the vehicle objection). Secondly, that the students will not be able to get the value from your course (the internal objection). Then the third video will handle the objection that life will get in the way or that they won’t enough time (the external objection). The final video is going to be your sales stack and we’ll get into that in more detail.  

So the first video is going to handle the objection with your course. Specifically, that your course will not deliver the value it promises. To combat this objection, we are going to use the modelling concept. So you are going to explain how other people get the results your course promises and then give examples. Then you’ll get straight into a video testimonial of someone who has got success with your course or method. The next thing you can do is to handle common objections around who the course is for, by explaining customer types. So here, what i mean is that you make a list of different types of people that are suitable for your course. This will depend on your course, but as an example, imagine a course on investing. You could explain that your course is suitable for young people, old people, people with no experience in investing, or people with experience. You can go into detail to combat the customer types objections for your own particular course. After all that, you can leave some bait to come back and watch the next video with the promise of your next gift. Then finally, you can introduce yourself, your background story and give some context as to your expertise.


Task: create the script for your first launch video


Introduce yourself and remind people about the free gifts.

  1. Tell your story in terms of your success. What did success first look like? How did it become better? What was your best success? Explain why you want to share this success with others
  2. Go into detail about your Secret Method. This is all about the system that other people benefit from in terms of time and money. Answer these questions: Who is using this? How are they benefiting? Could your audience do the same thing? Is it easy? What exactly is the method?
  3. Your Best Testimonial: Here you’ve got to try to get a good testimonial video from someone who is enjoying major success from implementing the system in secret 1!
  4. Explain & provide Gift 1.
  5. Objection Handling: Describe 5 customer types & the objections why they don’t think this will be suitable for them. Then combat those objections here one by one.
  6. Explain & provide Gift 2?
  7. Introduce yourself. Tell some stories that explain your background, especially stories that give some context to your expertise.

In the next video, I am going to give you another free gift. Stay tuned for the next video.

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I am the founder of 10000 Members Grow Your Membership To 10000 Members. The reason I run this site is because I love helping course creators and membership site owners build a successful business. I do this through webinars, coaching, speaking, consulting and heading up the awesome community at 10000 Members.

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I am the founder of 10000 Members Grow Your Membership To 10000 Members. The reason I run this site is because I love helping course creators and membership site owners build a successful business. I do this through webinars, coaching, speaking, consulting and heading up the awesome community at 10000 Members.