We’re going to look at 3 approaches here. Firstly, what advice do people ask you for help with? Secondly, have a look around the web for courses you could teach yourself. Thirdly, think about achievements you have made in your life.

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Advice You Give

Have a think about the advice you give to people in everyday life. You may not realize you’re an expert on these topics and people will pay you for your expertise.

In your work life, what do people ask you for help with?

This step is all about making a list of topics that people ask you for advice on. Believe it or not, they are asking you because you have expertise.

Think about your work life, it could be where you work now or where you have worked in the past. Think about what topics people ask you specifically for help with. Maybe there is something obvious that you are an expert in.

Do people ask you for help with technical skills? with people skills?

Whatever it is, try to identify at least one main problem that people ask you for help with in your work life.

In your home life, what do people ask you for advice on?

Next up, think about the same thing except in the context of your home life.

What do friends and family ask you for help with? Are you known as the guy who can fix computers? The girl who knows how to file taxes? The guy who can sell better than others? The girl who know how to set up business?

Whatever it is that people ask you for advice on, try to identify one main topic.

This could be your big course. Remember: you are an expert even if you don’t normally think of yourself that way.

What subjects do you have a passion for that other people need help with?

Next have a think about your passions. What are you absolutely buzzing about? What topics could you happily spend all day researching and reading about?

Are there some obvious topics that you are passionate about that you know people need help with?

You may not think there is a wide enough interest to create a course, but don’t forget, on the internet you can tap into almost any interest.

Try to identify one main topic you are passionate about.

What skills do you have that people respect you for?

Think about your work history. Where have you excelled?

People may not ask you for advice and you may not be passionate, but where have you obviously excelled?

Have you been given recommendations or awards?

You may find certain topics easy that other people find difficult.

Task: List A Few Topics That People Ask You For Advice On

What advice are people asking from you regularly or recently? Are there areas where you have some level of expertise that you could build a course around. You don’t need to be the world’s number one expert.


Popular Courses You Could Improve

Next, you’re going to find a list of online or offline courses that you believe you could improve. This gets you out looking at other online courses on the web. There are a ton of online courses and more and more every day. What if you find a course that is very popular, and you could improve that course? This is your goal here: go out and find existing courses that you could teach yourself.

Look on websites like to find examples.

Next up, we are going to look at online courses that are out there already.

I mentioned previously that there are many online courses. At the time of writing, there are already 80,000 online courses on

There are also over 6000 courses on

If you go to, you can search by many different categories and you can get an idea of what is popular. You can even sort the courses by popularity and by price.

Take some time and go through the courses on – find some courses in categories that appeal to you and get an idea of which courses are most popular.

Find at least one example of a course topic you think you could teach.

Have you ever seen a course you could improve?

Have you ever completed a course that you think you could teach better?

Have you ever done an online course yourself?

Find some examples of online courses that you can buy. There are often special offers on, or flash sales where you can buy courses for $10.

Find a course that you have bought already or that you can buy now that you could deliver yourself. There is no crime in teaching a course that already exists.

Teachers in schools all over the world have been doing that for years.

Find an example of a course you think you could teach.

Are there any elements of the course you believe are missing?

When you consider a course that is already out there or that you have already completed yourself, think about how you could improve that course.

I often find that there are things missing from online courses. This could be your unique selling point.

Can you take a course that already exists and add on some extra sections that you think are missing to make it an even better course?

Jot down some “missing pieces” for courses you have done.

Can you draw from multiple similar courses to combine the best out there?

Maybe you can combine some courses together.

Let’s say you have done 2 different courses on the same topic.

One has things the other doesn’t and vice versa.

Could you combine the missing parts from each course and make an even more comprehensive course as a combination of both?

Let’s just take a simple example: let’s say you have 2 courses on internet marketing. One course has good steps on “Facebook Ads” but doesn’t say much about “Google Retargeting”, whereas the other includes good steps on “Google Retargeting” but doesn’t include “Facebook Ads”. Could you combine the two courses to make a course which covers “Facebook Ads” & “Google Retargeting”?

Task: Identify Courses You Could Improve

Think about courses you have done or find some courses online that you think could be improved. Look at and and see is there any courses on there that are interesting for you.

Try to figure out what way they could be improved or what is missing from them. You could think about combining the best parts from various courses.

Create a list of 3 or 4 courses you believe you could improve.



Next, we are going to look at your achievements. What have you done in your life that is amazing? What have you helped other people achieve that is amazing? Believe it or not, these achievements could be worthy of their own course. If you can help people get the same results you got, then there could be a course there and people will pay you for it.

What achievements have you made that you are proud of?

The final brainstorm for ideas is to think about topics where you have achieved amazing results.

Think back over your business life and your personal life.

What have been your major achievements?

Find at least one topic relating to some major achievement.

What inspired you to make that achievement?

Now look over these amazing things you have done in your home life or business life. Why did you do that? What inspired you? Ask yourself these questions: What key steps did you take? Do you think there is a course opportunity?

Have you ever helped someone achieve something amazing?

Next, have a think about what you have helped others to achieve.

When you help others to achieve great results, that can be just as inspiring as when you achieve the results yourself. Make a list of areas where you have helped others achieve results, whether that was in work, in life, in sports or something else.

Why did you help that person and how did you help?

Finally consider what you did when you helped these people make achievements.

What inspired you? What steps did you help them to take?

What were the key results they got?

Jog your memory – do you think any of these achievements could be inspiring enough for an online course?

We’re getting to the end of the brainstorming section now.

In the next section you are going to look at the full list of course ideas that you have, and you will be able to weigh them up against each other so that you can choose the best course topic for you.


Task : Identify Achievements You Can Help People With

Think about the top 3 achievements you have made or have helped other people achieve. Could you create online courses with them? Think about the key steps that you could use as steps in your course. Don’t forget – your course doesn’t need to be that big a course. If it is useful, it can still be popular.


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I am the founder of 10000 Members Grow Your Membership To 10000 Members. The reason I run this site is because I love helping course creators and membership site owners build a successful business. I do this through webinars, coaching, speaking, consulting and heading up the awesome community at 10000 Members.